Seasgair - Important information before you book

Important information before you book

09 Apr, 2020

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way!


Please take the time to review our Terms and Conditions in full here


Once bookings are placed we are not able to refund any money paid or move the booking to another date or lodge.
Check our full Terms and Conditions for our Covid-19 specific terms.



We know it is not always on your mind when it is a UK holiday but we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance.
It is also worth noting this is sometimes included with your bank account, so it is worth checking first!


We are sorry but we are not able to accept any type of wedding, stag or hen parties in any of our properties, under any circumstances. 

If you are looking to hold another type of celebration at the lodge, which involves extra guests attending, please contact us to discuss and we can advise on any special conditions of the lodge.


A number of our properties are located in residential areas and we do ask that guests are respectful of the lovely neighbours at all times. 

We strongly advise that you check the suitability of the property and speak to us if you are unsure, this also applies to the number of cars and parking spaces at the property.

Please do not plug into the lodge electrics for electric car charging, this is strictly prohibited and could void the insurance of the property. Guests would be liable for any damage and additional costs incurred.

If your lodge has a purpose built charging point you will find details in the guestbook app, along with a map of the public charging points around Scotland.